Generational Transition and Protection of Assets

AC’s Professionals have solid experience in managing issues related to trust and estate law, and in the planning and transfer of family wealth.

AC supports its Clients in identifying the most suitable instruments for the implementation of effective wealth planning and protection instruments, always taking into account all of the possible risks and threats that could impair personal wealth at various times of the Client’s lifetime an ensuring a high level of confidentiality, segregation, diversification, planning and governance of assets.

Whether you are requesting consultancy on legal and tax structuring for your business and investments, family and corporate governance, wealth planning and taxes or aid for a vulnerable person within your family, we can provide custom-tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

The members of our team have in-depth knowledge of the provisions governing succession and donation taxes, as well as the legal instruments (e.g. trusts and “dedicated” corporate vehicles) which allow for the minimization of succession taxes and guarantee to our Clients the safeguarding of family wealth in transfers involving generational transitions.