Antitrust Law

AC’s Attorneys provide assistance and consultancy on all matters related to antitrust law, at both the EC and national level, including issues related to state aids, with reference to any business sector.

The Firm’s antitrust practice includes assistance and consultancy provided to enterprises in connection with all matters related to the conclusion of corporate transactions (mergers, acquisitions of shareholdings, sales of businesses or business units and joint ventures), including notifications to the European Commission or the Italian Antitrust Authority and assistance in review proceedings before the above-mentioned antitrust authorities.

With reference to organized collusions or practices and abuses of a dominant position, AC assists enterprises that are involved, or potentially involved, in review proceedings before the European Commission or the Italian Antitrust Authority as well as those who intend to report to the competent antitrust authorities anti-competitive agreements/colluosions or conducts or to take advantage of clemency programs.

The Firm’s Professionals also assist Clients in the drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts for purposes of aligning with the legal framework on competition.

Such assistance also covers appeals against decisions issued by antitrust authorities, before administrative courts and proceedings concerning compensation for damages deriving from breach of antitrust law before ordinary courts (private enforcement).

The dedicated Team also provides assistance to enterprises in the event of antitrust inspections (dawn raids) and antitrust compliance programs.

Lastly, AC assists enterprises in proceedings before the Italian Antitrust Authority concerning unfair commercial practices or deceptive and comparative advertising.


Emanuela Tardella

Emanuela Tardella