Vincenzo Cristiano

Vincenzo Cristiano

Senior Associate


Tax lawyer.
After earning his degree from the University of Bologna, he became a qualified lawyer registering with the Milan Bar in 2002.
He  completed the ”Master in Tax Law” and the “Master in tax litigation” at the Ipsoa training school in Milan and the Master in Tax Law at “IlSole24ore”.
In 2010, he attained the title of Publicist.

Areas of expertise

Expert in tax law, his main sectors of specialization are: VAT and indirect taxes, customs law, tax assistance during audits/verifications, tax litigation, national and international tax law.

He has developed special expertise on issues related to customs law, with particular reference to issues pertaining to tax deposits and international trade techniques. He also has in-depth experience on matters related to VAT and customs law in foreign exchanges, with a special focus on EC and foreign triangulations.

Since 2012/2013, he has been an instructor at the Training Courses for Officer and Petty Officers of the Tax Police at the Training School in Ostia (Rome) for VAT forms (conditions and VAT frauds).

He has gained  extensive experience in the journalism and publishing sector (with, among others,  Sole24Ore, ItaliaOggi, Ipsoa, Eutekne).

He has authored almost three hundred  fifty scientific publications on tax law.

He collaborates with primary training companies and industry associations in the area of seminars and conferences. He is also an instructor for various specialized courses and masters, teaching courses on VAT forms.

Foreign languages



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Additional publications

Corriere Tributario;

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Fiscalità Internazionale;

Il Fisco;;


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Photo by Alberto Jona Falco